Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Wild Swans - Decoupage by Queen Margrethe II

Denmark is very fortunate to have Queen Margrethe as its reigning monarch

For several years, Queen Margrethe has devoted herself to Hans Christian Andersen’s literary works. She has dramatized, animated and created illustrations to his fairy tales.

The Queen designed a whole series of decoupages as well as a number of costumes for the film of the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale ‘The Wild Swans’.

The Queen likes to explore her creativity. She makes stuff, expresses herself. She is accessible, and normal.

And if we don't have fairy tales..'

The decoupages are composed for the film using blue screen technology, with the actors acting in a scenic space represented by the decoupages, set dressing and props.

The hand made' decoupage and incorrect perspective, reinforce the illusion of the Fairy Tale and the make believe.

The Queen designs the costumes for the childrens ballet every year.

Here she is getting her hands dirty.
That's right... glue, paint, mucking in!

And here she is, actually taking part in the film.

The deeper we sought to delve into the fairytale, the richer it turned out to be. Its imagery, which had fascinated me already as a child, unfolded in all its diversity and reinforced my admiration and fondness for the art of Hans Christian Andersen".

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  1. Amazing is the art of the Queen of Denmark. It is nice to see a monarch use their personal passion and talent for something beautiful that all can enjoy. As they say in Denmark, if she ever looses her job as the queen, she will always find work as an artist!