Thursday, 27 May 2010

Malou Sander - 'Muus'

More Peace and Love

from Malou..

and some simple Tunics for Summer.

American Vintage

Classic Stripes .. from American Vintage.

Stripes echo the grand daddy .. Jean-Luc Godard' A bout de souffle.
A cinematic classic.

Both Jean Seberg and Jean Paul Belmondo, practically unknown, were visually striking and beautiful, they were transformed into cinematic icons that influenced generations of fashion.

Jean Seberg speaks in appalling broken americanized French.

She has a naivete and vulnerability that the camera continually examines and follows with voyeuristic ease.

'New york Herald Tribune'.. you can hear her calling, with her french - american accent.

'Beam me up Belmondo'..

Lengthy philosophical discussions and existential references taking precedence over action and drama.

Belmondo.. what a beau.

Arguably one of the most influential films of the twentieth century.
A bout de souffle
is stunning, in terms of plot, structure, content, direction and camera work.

Godard embraced new, unconventional techniques, particularly the use of jump-cuts and long takes.

The silence was long while she exhaled .. there is just stillness, for what seemed like an eternity.

The smoke fills the screen at this moment. There is so much smoke, making abstract patterns. How graceful it was to smoke'..

Images can be so deceiving.

+ Another simple dress from American Vintage

Les Poulettes au Printemps

Here are two beautiful little french girls we adore..

enjoying les petits bateaux a Paris


Thursday, 20 May 2010

Fiona's Cup Cakes

Fiona made these beautiful Cup Cakes for our recent Swimwear evenings with Hanne Bloch.

Absolutely beautiful..

100% Organic

You can eat all of them..
+ We ... and Our Guests.. did !

They are very, very more..ish

Not so great for the Swimwear, but then, they are irresistible

God is in the Detail..

Gorgeous Tops + Bottoms

Different colours for the Wild Swans shops.

Every Detail Counts

And some cup cakes for Emma's Birthday too xx

When you receive your cakes, simply presented, they are stunning.

Image and presentation is everything. This is what makes the difference.

Fiona loves what she does. So do we.

This Season's Colours..

Beige, Creme, Powder, Sand ..

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Hanne Bloch - Evenings at Wild Swans

A quick reminder ..

Hanne is at Wild Swans this week.

ISLINGTON - Thursday 12th May - 6.30-9 pm
CHISWICK - Thursday 13th May - 6.30-9 pm
MILL HILL - Wednesday 13th May - 1-4 pm

Here is a brief Interview / Q&A .. that we did with Hanne last week.

I grew up in a very small town Jelling, Denamrk, on a farm. My mother was educated in making patterns and actually worked and managed a factory, before having five children. She was very artistic and always "ahead" in the little town she also had a very good taste for fashion and interior. I often made my own clothes, but never thought I would go into fashion.

In fact I trained to be a cardiac nurse. Beside, working as a nurse I had my own shop dressmaking for other people. After I lost my sister, this made me think of my life and what I really wanted to do. So I decided to go into fashion and moved to Italy joining a fashion school L'accademia Internationale d ‘Alta Moda e d'Arte del costume Koefia.

What do your family do – are they involved in the business? As much as they can, both my two children Olivia (16), Victor (18) who is off to the US for his university education and my husband Frank.

What has been your career highlight so far? Working 20 years for Missoni and then in 2007 venturing on my own.

Who do you see wearing your clothes? A woman with character, who has her own sense of style.

What are your key pieces this season from the collection? Golden knit inspired from the Turkish hamam, the real water snake bikini which is soft and "adapted" to water. Plus my kaleidoscope print, this is developed from scratch.

Where do you look for inspiration when you’re designing a collection? Nothing specific, I do look a lot in the magazines, it makes me brainstorm and develop ideas.

Do you have any plans to extend the range? No, the focus is one collection each year so far, but I’m sure this will change.

Who is your favorite designer? I don't have any one favorite designer; I like to take my look from many designers.

If you weren’t working in fashion, what would be your dream job? Don’t know - I love interior design, so maybe that?

Which is your favorite shop? I have always liked Corso Como 10 in Milan; it is beautiful interior and has a good selection of other things than the typical “IT” things.

Strong flash photography, colourized.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Raise your Head..

Here are some Trees.

Shot by our good friend Jesper, in the beauty of the Danish woods today.

Raise your head, open your eyes + breathe.

Trees are much bigger than us. But then most things are.
And the air is free.

Now look straight ahead.

See the wood for the

Beauty in the natural.. Is that art?



Mila's lovely blogspot is very refreshing, sometimes ethereal, with lots of sun filtered, soft focus photography.

Illustrations, artifacts, and soft focus shots from a discerning woman' eye - camera.

Enjoy browsing.. we do

More from Therese Zetterberg

Some more classic dresses from Therese Zetterberg.

They make a woman look and feel, like a good woman should..

The Zetterberg Collection

They are so' beautiful to touch.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Elise Gug

Elise Gug' work is very elegant. We love her simplicity and clean lines.

Stunningly beautiful designs, fine materials and exquisite craftsmanship are her trademark.

Her work is very feminine and chic for the style-conscious woman, who is aware of the trends without relying on them.

Always classic.. and understated,8070

Malou Sander ' Muus'

This is the lovely Malou, who grew up with the name 'Muus', a term of endearment, which means Mouse in English.

She named her company with the same nickname.

This is the Muus Showroom, where we stayed when we visited Malou recently. A lovely place to work.. and stay!

This is a very versatile leather jacket from Malou.

It comes in black, also.


A Tie Dye Maxi Dress.. long, flowing, easy

Some more PEACE ... and some Sequins.

we like it.

Summer Dress, braided