Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Scandinavia Show - Fashion

The Scandinavia Show - Fashion

On 9-10 October 2010, Wild Swans will host a fashion Show at London' Olympia, introducing the very best of Scandinavian fashion to the UK audience.

Scandinavians have been recognized as frontrunners in the field of furniture and interior design for years, but in the fashion world they have been taking baby steps until quite recently, when things really started happening. The world finally took notice of the talent that had been brewing in the North for a long time.

The first Wild Swans shop opened in 2006.

Wild Swans have opened 3 shops in 3 years. In Chiswick, Islington and then Mill Hill. This indicates a distinctly growing demand for Scandinavian designer brands in the UK.

Wild Swans will be at the Scandinavia Show.

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