Friday, 10 September 2010

Tine K - Danish Living

TineK is a Danish Collection for the Home.

An eclectic mix of Asian, French, Scandinavian and Moroccan colours, shapes, textures and surfaces, which despite the cultural and visual differences, come together with a very calm Scandinavian simplicity.

We visited TineK' home recently in Odense, in Denmark.

TineK uses her home as her canvas. She explores her ideas here.
It is a very logical way to live.

It is very difficult to be objective and critical of your home surroundings.. not easy, but it is a very good way to work through and test your ideas.

' Become the change you wish to see '... Mahatma Ghandi

The aesthestic is white, together with a de-saturated palette of varying light colours, greys, cremes, with dark accents and punctuation.

This is the common contemporary theme of a lot of Danish Living, Home and Fashion, mixing simplicity with subtle ethnic patterns, accents and details. This mix fuses into one.

It is gentle borrowing and mixing of other cultures and seamlessly intertwining them with the Scandinavian sensibility.

This is the concept and palette of the Fashion and Homeware brands at Wild Swans.

Every view is a vista, a composition, a painting. A plate of food, a pile of books, a doorway. It all matters. It all counts. It should do..!

'Design is my life, and the smallest every day actions at home, as well as food, shapes, colors, flowers and trips abroad are a source of inspiration to me'.

'Whenever I travel, I make sure to take notes of everything valuable I notice, to ensure I don’t forget. These notebooks I usually keep for future designs as many scribbles may not fit the present collections.'

TineK at Wild Swans

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