Friday, 5 August 2011

Copenhagen - day 3

            Today is a really busy day and we have three big fashion fares
            to visit and we need our morning coffee to get us started!!!

                       First appointment is to see Naja Lauf. Her collection
                       is so so lovely, her fabrics and attention to detail is
                       amazing. We love this dress that Naja is wearing and
                       are so excited to have bought it for Spring 2012!

                        The Wild Swans team discussing which colours to choose
                        with Naja, umm decisions!

              Oh my goodness.....we just love these scarves and they will be
               in the shops by next week we hope.

               We are invited to the Ganni bbq party tonight, what a fab way
               to end a very busy day by letting our hair down with Ganni´s
               homemade cocktails and dancing to the cool tunes by Ditte
               who´s daytime job is as creative director at Ganni!!!

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