Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Wild Swans / Scandinavia Fashion Show - Backstage

Here are a few shots backstage and during rehearsal,

from our recent Scandinavian Fashion Show at Olympia.

15 Models

4 Hair Stylists

4 Make up artists

11 Dressers

35 Costume Changes

2 Stylists, 3 Camera, Lighting, A/V

Brands featured

By Malene Birger, Day Birger et Mikkelsen, Elise Gug, HunkyDory, Rabens Saloner,

Couture section by Trash Couture,

accompanied by a wonderful acapella version of 'Fly me to the Moon' by Synne Sanden

last rehearsals,

and timing.. the audience are nearly seated.

Further shots, soundtrack and a film from the Show, to follow.


  1. Who is that girl in the 10th pic (top to bottom) short hair, big smile, with the black dress with shiny things? There is something about her that I couldn’t define but that catches me. What city do I have to move so that I increase the odds of meeting her on a coffee shop? How many miles do I have to walk? I’m serious, I’ll sell my castle and abandon my raing to get there ! By the way I'm Sergio kavfriul@yahoo.com

  2. dava mada unata dava madava ata sata atva