Thursday, 24 June 2010

Trash Couture

Trash Couture is vintage..

Future Vintage

Each piece is unique, or part of a limited edition..

Made from silk, vintage couture, embroideries,

decorated with lace, bijoux and semi-precious stones.

Trash Couture is crafted entirely by hand

Ann's Hand.

There is a great sense of theatre and movement to Trash Couture, during the making, the production .. and in the finished article.

Ann' work not only graces the woman, but the stage, the scenario. There is a drama. The story evolves in the layering of the elements.

Ann, focused, applying her craft.

Dresses for le Bal de l'été in Monaco

You become someone else when you wear Trash Couture, like a process of self discovery. It changes you. You perceive yourself differently.

Ann is a very old friend. Ann and Caroline, have grown up together through thick and thin.

Ann is currently producing a special dress for a very beautiful Wild Swan.

Trash Couture

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  1. That sounds so exciting. The dresses are beautiful. Can't wait to see the dress Ann is doing for Wild Swans. Or will it be just one for one swan? That would be a shame. I could do with a little theatre and drama in my life. Well, in a dress, that is.
    x MM

    PS: Thanks for stopping by at my blog!