Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Elise Gug - Interview Series

We are doing a series of interviews with our favourite Designers.
We will be featuring them regularly..

Below is a recent interview we did with Elise Gug..

Elise Gug' name is synonymous with elegant, easy to wear dresses in exquisite fabrics, Danish design made in Italy. A true European collaboration.

Elise Gug

I was born and lived in Centre Holsterbro, Jutland and growing up my mother & her sister were always sewing, they had been models in their youth so she made most of my clothes. So I had an interest from an early age with my unique clothing.

Fashion wasn’t my first love but when I met my husband and he wanted to work in the fashion business we set up together and the brand has grown from there. My husband is from three generations of tailors in Herning, Jutland, they are not part of our business but it has been an influence on us. My husband has helped grow the business coming up with solutions to make it change and be successful.

I wanted to make clothes for women which emphasized their beauty, femininity, were well fitted and made from the best materials. I used my idols Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn as muses, they wore such amazing clothes and they are still a big influence on fashion today.

They key piece this season is the dove grey dress, draped across the front falling to the knee, easy to wear but very stylish.


We obviously have a winning formula as the company has been named Denmark’s best designer.

I see the women who wear our clothes as confident and they are in control and enjoy life and look fabulous.

When I’m designing I look at the fabrics, the weaving methods used these inspire me and also what’s the trend at the moment like shoulder pads are back in.

The main stay of the range is classic, as our customer wants the same style again and again, I just add a twist. My clothes are made to fit the form perfectly.

I only wear my own brand as then I can feel like the customer. I love Lavin as he has an ability to create new clothes in such a special way it’s fantastic.

Moving forward..

We have just opened our own shop in our former showroom, on Store Kongensgade in Copenhagen.

Elise Gug

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