Friday, 11 June 2010

Langar Hall

Langar Hall is a delightful place

Owned by Imogen, a dear friend. This is her old family home in the Vale of Belvoir, just 12 miles from Nottingham, that gradually evolved into a hotel and restaurant .

Langar Hall is a true original - English, stylish and quietly eccentric.

It is a wonderful place to stay.

The bedrooms are all individually styled, named after people from Langar's history or whose rooms they once were.

Langar is so relaxing and unpretentious, you really want to take your time here, and you do

Terracotta works anytime, anywhere. Especially here, resplendent, resonant against the green..

Langar Hall is built immediately adjacent to this old church

Immediately by the way, means less than 1 metre !

Langar Hall
is a splendid place to take some time out for a family gathering, or a wedding, one might think... and the food is very good too!

We adore being here and can not recommend it highly enough

We meet here sometimes, too
Meems.. in Goa

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