Thursday, 4 November 2010

Margit Brandt Evening - SS - 10th / 11th November

Come and join us on for a special Evening Preview of Margit Brandt' Spring Collection 2011.

The Margit Brandt story began in Paris in the early 196o's where the ambitious new design graduate went in search for challenges. In the capital of fashion, she was lucky to achieve an apprenticeship with the grand master of sophistication and elegance, Pierre Balmain.

Margit Brandt' innovative approach to fashion and her confident style soon won her recognition and brought her another rewarding career opportunity, this time with the couture designer, Louis FĂ©raud, who was the favoured design house of the Parisian elite at that time.
Having worked for the masters of fashion, Margit Brandt felt it was time to fuel her personal ambitions and decided to realize her dream of having her own brand together with her business partner and husband, Erik Brandt.

Evening Preview of Margit Brandt' Spring Collection 2011.

Margit Brandt introduced her first collection under the label B-age at the Copenhagen Fashion Fair in 1965. The design was unprecedentedly short and close-fitted and very different from what other designers were presenting. Nevertheless, the collection immediately grabbed the consumers interest; especially of the otherwise neglected age group between teenagers and genteel ladies. Thus, B-age became the reference point of fashion for a whole generation of young women in Scandinavia.

The international fashion scene soon eyed the trendsetting designs of Margit Brandt and created a demand that opened the doors to the most fashionable and popular stores around the world including the large department stores such as Harrods; Selfridges; Bendels; Saks and Bloomingdales, etc. A wide network of own label stores soon followed in cities such as Paris; Barcelona; Tokyo and San Francisco as well as in New York and London.

Throughout the 1960s; 1970s and 1980s, Margit Brandt was a renowned global fashion brand. And although, Margit Brandt was primarily famous for her trendsetting womans fashion, she also designed and produced lingerie; swimwear; childrens wear; jewellery; home wear; furniture; cosmetics and fashion watches.

Margit Brandt - Today.

In 2005, the brand Margit Brandt was re-launched. Encouraged by repeated requests from previous customers and representatives from the fashion elite, Margit and Erik Brandt decided to enter the global market again now with the new generation, their daughter Julie Brandt Dam, as Creative Director for Margit Brandt design, and in business cooperation with Metropol.

The Margit Brandt brand has been reinvented and modernized in order to face the demand of the new generation of fashion consumers. Without losing sight of her trendsetting details of the 1960s to the 1980s, Margit Brandt has created a brand that reflects the future of fashion.

The designs are innovative yet timeless with a feminine elegance. With respect for the contemporary, Margit Brandt still has the ability to add that special detail and characteristic touch that reflects the brands primetimes, while at the same time stays true to the innovative spirit.

By infusing new materials, colours and styles with the original trendsetting designs, she has created a synergy of styles that is unmistakably Margit Brandt. The result is a unique fashion fusion of nostalgic retro with an innovative and contemporary .

Evening Preview of Margit Brandt' Spring Collection 2011.

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