Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Danish Pavilion - Shanghai Expo 2010

The Danish Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo encourages the use of pedal power and walking as sustainable methods of transportation, giving visitors a chance to experience Danish city life, the city bike, the harbor bath, the nature playground and an ecological picnic.

Both Shanghai and Copenhagen are harbor cities. But in Denmark the polluted harbor activities have been replaced by harbor parks and cultural institutions, and the water is so clean that you can swim in it.

'A piece of Copenhagen’s bicycle track, tied as a knot … City bikes located at the roof scape, offer visitors a chance to experience the Danish urban way. Thus, when you arrive at Expo, you visit Denmark, get a bike and explore the rest of the world'. Bike paths are paved throughout the structure with the same light blue surface used on Danish cycle paths.

H.C Andersen’s Little Mermaid sits at the base of the pavilion. While the Little Mermaid is in Shanghai, her usual location in Copenhagen will be occupied by the works of three leading Chinese artists. The artist will take turns in presenting their personal interpretation of the sculpture.

Take a Ride through the Danish Pavilion

Lubetkin' Penguin Pool at Regents Park Z00, was iconic inspiration for this Pavilion.

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