Monday, 7 February 2011


Graumann design easy wearable clothing. Fluid draping, flattering tailoring and awareness of form.

Alama Jacket, Danna Stretch Leather Pants

Nellie Shirt, Sofia Shorts, Louise Belt

Laura Pants, Nanna Top

Demi Jacket, Eva Shorts, Vicki T Shirt.

Graumann is hopefully in our shops by the end of the week.

The Graumann woman is a free spirit, a thinker, not dictated to, but in control. She is caring, sympathetic, fun and passionate.

Its not the clothes that maketh the woman; it's the woman who creates her individual style.

In the words of Hanne Graumann..

'understanding the the symbiotic role of clothes and those who wear them, the relationship that is formed when you have clothing you love.

Belief in the individual' power to make clothes come to life and 'be worn', not just dressed.

Deep respect for the many facets of a woman - as professional, friend, lover, mother, citizen.

Sensory awareness of luxury and comfort - how clothes should be tailored to drape and fall as you move'.


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